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The Story of Quinte Patient Transfer Service, Ontario

Founded in 2005 by Steve Andrews, Quinte Patient Transfer Service is a locally-owned patient transfer service. Our owner, Steve, has spent 24+ years working in various medical capacities in the Department of National Defence. His vast experiences allowed him to develop and master many medical skills. 

As a military paramedic, Steve’s duty has allowed him to provide frontline pre-hospital medical services throughout Canada’s beautiful locations, like the British Columbia coastline, as well as hostile environs such as Northern Labrador’s Torngat Mountains. He now brings his expertise to the Quinte area of South Eastern Ontario.

Why Quinte?

Working in many hospital emergency rooms throughout Ontario, it soon became apparent to Steve that the Quinte region, like many others, was in dire need of dedicated patient transfer service.  Since then, Steve and his eight-member team have been striving to provide the best quality patient transfer services. His dedication towards the community has made him one of the top choices for patient transfer services in the South Eastern Ontario neighbourhood.


Safe and Timely Patient Transfer Services

We are one of the most preferred patient transfer services.

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