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Quick and Dependable Patient Transfer Services in Ontario

At Quinte Patient Transfer Service, we offer a wide range of non-emergency patient transfer services. We make an attempt to provide our customers with personalized care, dedicated to both individual and family needs, ensuring the respect and dignity each person deserves. We accompany patients throughout the whole process and will accommodate a family member or escort. Our customers are our top priority and we care for them and never leave them unattended.

We provide stretcher and wheelchair transfers to doctor appointments and hospital visits to our customers.

Services We Offer

We offer courteous and discreet patient transportation to and from:





Nursing homes

Out of province

Specific functions and extended stays

Our specialized team at Quinte Patient Transfer Service is available 24/7 to provide airport pick-up/drop-off service and long-distance transportation service. Pre-booked rides and short-notice rides are also available.

Our Vehicles

Understanding the myriad needs our patients may have a number of operating units that are wheelchair accessible, like minivans.

Why Choose a Non-Emergency Transfer Service?

The transfer of non-emergency patients between facilities is a major issue for Ontario healthcare providers. The inability to provide timely and reliable patient transfers is, within the hospital sector, compromising access to beds, emergency, diagnostic and specialty services.

The partial transfer of responsibility for ambulance services from the province to municipalities has led, in some cases, to a reduction in the availability of ambulance services for non-emergency calls. In addition, in some communities, hospital restructuring has led to an increase in the number of transfers between facilities within the same area. This is where Quinte Patient Transfer Services comes in, taking care of the non-emergency patients and their transfer needs.


Established and Equipped Patient Transfer Services

We are committed to enhancing non-emergency patient transfer services for our customers.

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